Econometric Analysis Using EViews and Its Uses in Dissertation Work? — Uniresearchers

EViews Tool for Econometric Analysis in Dissertation Work

EViews is regarded as a data analysis tool capable of providing a comprehensive solution to the econometric analysis of data collected from surveys or research by an individual for his or her dissertation work and it acts as a solution to flexible management of the data. The study of economics deal with mainly three types of data — cross-sectional, time-series and panel or longitudinal data. EViews help the user to work on all these three types of data.

Using the EViews software

EViews is a very interactive tool, but one can also run it as a “batch” job, that is all the codes can be loaded and executed at one go. It produces charts and graphs, which can also be saved in spreadsheets or in ASCII format. The data can also be easily transferred into an Excel spreadsheet or similar and as it works comfortably in the Windows environment hence copy and paste of data can be done to any other program using Windows.



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